QLife Announces Sixth Market with QLife San Diego

by Russ White , Garrett Pattiani
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On this one-year anniversary of QLife, we are so excited to announce QLife San Diego, our sixth market since we launched QLife one year ago today. This past year has been phenomenal growth as we enter our fourth year as an all-digital publication.

QLife San Diego joins Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

We've introduced a few other changes over the past few weeks, most notably our Issue Flow carousel. One of our goals in becoming a premiere all-digital publication is to re-invent how online magazines work. The traditional PDF flip-book has never really worked. Readers don't read magazines cover-to-cover, page-by-page. These flipbooks are a poor implementation of print to digital-based publications that do not translate to well-known behaviors exhibited by readers of print magazines. 

WIth our Issue Flow carousel, ads appear between articles, just like a traditional magazine. We do not display inline ads that interrupt the flow of reading a story. We've also introduced video articles that appear right in the carousel. (and even continue to play as you swipe through).

Our Las Vegas Business Directory has been in testing with Lambda Business & Professional Association, our local LGBTQ chamber of commerce serving Las Vegas. Over the next few weeks, we'll begin rolling out other directories across our markets. The easiest way to get listed in the Las Vegas directory is to become a member of Lambda Business & Professional Association.

Starting today, QLife moves to a continuous publishing schedule. Articles are now released throughout the month and archived into monthly issues. Stories will begin to appear on social media more frequently as a reminder to our readers to return to the website for more stories throughout the month.

We are very excited about other announcements we have for QLife in the coming year, so stay tuned. It gets really exciting from here!.

Russ White


Garrett Pattiani