The Green Fairy Celebrates National Sticker Day

by Russ White
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Since first being discovered in a batch of contraband Absinthe in New York City, ABSINTHE’s Green Fairy has been tantalizing audiences in her own special way once she’s let out of her bottle nightly inside the Speigeltent in front of Caesars Palace. But little do people know, her favorite holiday is National Sticker Day. Using the quintessential Las Vegas “stickers,” a.k.a. pasties, the Green Fairy leaves little to the imagination, yet, she nightly leaves audiences wanting more.

"We all love to sparkle and shine. I make my own pasties every day using champagne and frosting," said the Green Fairy, in her exclusive interview with QLife. The green fairy names each pastie each night. The name she has given for today's show in honor of National Sticker Day is Lick & Stick.

Pasties are a legal requirement in Las Vegas. These stickers cover up female performers so they are not considered topless. The Green Fairy, an expert in the application of pasties, provided application instructions as well. "You lick the pastie first, then you apply the frosting. You stick it on and let it dry because you don't want them to fall off or stick to someone's forehead."

The Green Fairy has worn out over 1,200 pairs of pasties since the opening of ABSINTHE in 2011, and each pastie has over 100 green Rhinestones individually stuck on, specially imported from Austria.

Russ White