Norma's Page: April Showers Bring May Flowers! 

Whatever Norma Want's—Norma Gets

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BUT FIRST - NORMA’s RANT!  Put down those damn phones!  Remember how nice it was to have a dinner conversation with friends and family without THOSE DAMN PHONES?  In meetings, at parties, at the park…EVERYWHERE….put down those damn phones and TALK TO ONE ANOTHER! My new social rule is to call people out who are on their phone during meetings or social settings. 

“Talking to someone more important than me?” I say!  Needless to say, I get a lot of evil looks!

Well Sweet Peas, I am glad that March is over!  OY VEY! March had some weird karma. 

Those crazy winds, blooming trees and allergies had every feather ruffled and then some! Vegas has never been this bad!  My eyes have been itchy and swollen for weeks! (Like a bad venereal disease except on the opposite end!) 

March of course went out with a bang. Literally! According to the press we had 2 major shootings on the Las Vegas Strip in one day—the same day Norma was putting on her show.  I heard that the one robbery the men were wearing Pig masks. That’s really HOT! Perhaps they were reenacting the movie Deliverance at the Rolex store? It’s one of my favorite movies back in the day!  Way back when Burt Reynolds was a hunk of burning love! Oh how we Love living in the Wild West!

The best part of March was how we MISBEHAVED!

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who attended and supported MisBehavin at The Space! All my crazy theatrical friends came out and went wild for this Roarin’20’s Crazy 1930’s underground theme! We could not have done this without The Space, Northern Lights, Just You and countless others who wrote checks and attended the spectacular spectacle to show their love and support. Over 200 guests attended to raising over $7K (SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) for The Center! This Dearies is how to do a show! We had talent from every facet of the LGBTQ community and then some!  Plans for next year have already been started.

So April Showers will bring May Flowers, but April also brings my husband’s birthday!  He is the pulse in my heart, the blood in my veins, the sorrow in my soul and the man who puts up with all of Norma’s shenanigans! I love him so! Happy Birthday Derek Guerrero! (April 13)

More shameless plugs and where I will be next…….and you should be too!

  • Golden Rainbow’s  JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR April 8
  • Norma’s REVIVAL at Charlie’s April 16 (Hunky Jesus, Church Bonnet and Sexy Bunny Contests!)
  • AFAN AIDS WALK April 23 (Look for the tall lady in red!)

LOVE YOU ALL! (Even the Stalkers!)n

Norma Llyaman

The Bearded Lady of Las Vegas