Dorothy Has a Few New Friends

Emerald City puts a whole new twister on Oz

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The story feels the same, but right away you know something is very different about this remake of the tales of Oz. Where "Wicked” gave us a backstory, Emerald City re-imagines Dorothy's journey to Oz. A 20-year old Dorothy Gale is swept up into the eye of a tornado in a police car, landing in a blizzard, not dropping a house on a witch.

Characters reveal themselves throughout unexpected plot twists of the familiar story. Dorothy discovers a crucified man left for dead, covered in dirt and hay. Resembling a Scarecrow (played by smoking hot Oliver Jackson-Cohen) Lucas awakes with amnesia and joins Dorothy on her journey.

Glinda doesn't strike you as the nice one until you meet her seductive sister West, The sisters cull young girls from the orphanages of Oz.

Toto is a badass German Shepherd, and the tin man is born out of an accidental fall. 

The series introduces Tip, who appears to be a new character, but one who brings gender identity to the storyline.

Expect the unexpected every week as the story distorts what you thought you knew about the Land of Oz.

Russ White