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February is such a predictable month!  Cold weather, Valentines and President’s Day Sales! Winter is almost done and you can see spring teasing you like a pickle juice chaser with a whiskey shot at a late night beer bust! This nasty weather has got to go, go, go….rain rain go away..come again in mid-August when we need you for our skin and yards! But wait, what about that ground hog? Have you ever been to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania? I didn’t think so! 

(Grieving long pause)

Well, it happened! Cheeto took the oath. It wasn’t just a bad dream. Now let’s get on with our lives and be Americans and not take 3 steps back! I am proud of how far we have come but I am well aware that there will be more obstacles and conflicts ahead of us that we WILL WIN! WE THE PEOPLE! How about that Women’s March? WOW – to see millions of people across the globe peacefully marching in solidarity was amazing! Ashley Judd certainly had a lot to say by reciting a poem by a 19 year old Tennessee girl. Hell yea! It was also nice to see Cher and Madonna all cuddled up in there warm plastic VIP tent! Norma was there in spirit and on Facebook!

Speaking of spirits and powerful women, there is a familiar face back in town. Ginger Grant is back! She is setting up all kinds of gigs everywhere and there is even a rumor that her fun Carnival show may be returning. She’s even got a new logo and has been branded…no literally, ask her! She’ll show you. We love our Ginger – Snap! 

In other news, I’ve recently been educated on the new “dispensary” shops that are popping up all over town! All I can say is WOW and Oh Lordy! Please don’t get me started on this new craze! Have you been past the Fashion Show Mall area lately? Is that a skunk living in the garden? You can get a contact buzz just driving down Dean Martin with your windows closed! I think I may be getting a case of extreme glaucoma! Time will tell. 

Final thoughts about February……..

IT’S RED DRESS SEASON! I will once again wear a FABULOUS couture Red Dress for the 11th annual SIN SITY SISTERS RED DRESS EVENT. It is one of my favorite events of the social season! Wearing a red dress reflects that you support and are creating awareness of the HIV / AIDS crusade that continues.  This year’s theme - ART IS SIN, this annual event will take place February 25th, 2017 at the most incredible new venue – The Space! Visit for more details.  And don’t forget about the huge kick-off show, Kimberli Foxx’s Red Ribbon Review, the night before (FEB 24) at Charlies. It will be co-hosted by yours truly and Taylor Trash!

Next month news - be prepared to MISBEHAVE with Ms. Norma! I’ve a huge star studded benefit show coming up for The Center and it’s going to be a “Spectacular Spectacle!” 

Next month’s rant - The social effects of being allergic to pineapple, shell fish and Leprechauns!

Norma Llyaman

The Bearded Lady of Las Vegas