Putting the Rok in Sake Rok

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There’s an energetic atmosphere every night at Sake Rok. The vibe, the music, and the food come together to create one of our favorite dining spots in Vegas. Located in the new Park between New York New York Hotel & Casino and Monte Carlo Resort, you’ll find amazing sushi, Japanese inspired entrees and sake bombs. Your server is also a cast member in the nightly productions of spontaneous choreography.

Leading a company of over a dozen dancers, servers and sushi bar, Jonnis choreographs the staff every week. Jonnis comes from a performing family. Six of his 10 siblings are performers, a few also in Las Vegas. "I play myself. I work in entertainment but Sake Rok is where i am me," says Jonnis.

This month, the cast debuts a new set called "Girl Power," featuring songs from Beyoncé, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, En Vogue, Spice Girls, and Janet Jackson. The cast rehearses once a week in the Sake Rok event space. Chairs and tables are cleared to create an ad hoc dance studio, then one night after the restaurant closes a "dress rehearsal" happens in the main dining area among the tables and chairs that will be occupied by dining guests.

Don't think that just because your server is across the aisle dancing that your cocktail or entree is being delayed. A team of servers and runners supports each table, keeping the flow of food and libations happening with the immersive entertainment experience.

Sake Rok combines the best of two worlds, hiring dancers with professional dance experience and restaurant staff with a years of sushi experience. When melding the two worlds, not everyone is a trained dancer, so Jonnis works to create a routine that is tailor made for Sake Rok.

Sake Rok is open for lunch and dinner daily, but the entertainment is reserved for evening dining. 

Russ White