Wash 'Em, Feed 'Em, Spoil 'Em

Dallas & Delilah get pampered at Wag N' Wash!

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I was at my cousin’s wedding when I spotted a guy toward the end of the night, dancing on the dance floor. We wound up chatting and he told me that him and his wife owned a pet shop. I introduced him to my fiancé and we both started sharing pictures of our pooches. He invited me to bring our dogs in to experience their brand new Wag N’ Wash natural food & bakery, along with dog grooming services.

About a week later, I brought in my two furry ones. Dallas & Delilah got excited as we walked up to the front. I think they could smell the yummy treats inside. We were greeted at the door by our new friends and owners, Jeremiah and Christie. This Las Vegas location offers self grooming options, but I decided to let the professionals do their thing. I sent them with the on-staff groomer and we continued with the tour of the facility.

Our first stop was the Bakery where we were introduced to Remo’s Gourmet Treats™. These delicious dog treats are hand-made, gourmet dog biscuits that are baked fresh. The biscuits are made with only top quality ingredients. Unlike many commercially produced dog treats, Remo’s Gourmet Treats™ do not contain artificial flavorings and colors and they do not add any chemicals or preservatives. In fact, you won’t find anything in the biscuits that humans wouldn’t eat! Remo’s Gourmet Treats™ come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors that are sure to please even the pickiest pooches. Of course, every recipe has been tested and approved by their dogs, but don’t take their word for it. Let your own canine critic be the judge. Stop by and grab a few. Heck, they even do doggy birthday cakes! How cool is that?

Next we looked at all the dog accessories and toys. They have everything you can imagine and more. They’ve got cuddly toys, tough toys, frisbees for indoors and out, fetch toys, tennis ball launchers, durable rubber toys, large balls, small balls, almost indestructible balls, rope toys, talking toys, and on and on and on! They even have “intelligent” and interactive toys that help to keep your pet’s curiosity occupied even when you can’t.

Then we went to the food section. I explained that Delilah is overweight and that I was looking to help her shed some of those extra pup-pounds. Jeremiah was so awesome. He later sent me a detailed spreadsheet with specific instructions and schedule along with some new top-quality food. I brought it home and they love it. Every dog is different and has different needs, so I liked that he did all of the work for me. His information and attention to my dog’s needs really won me over. I will be scheduling monthly grooming for the dogs. I am so happy that I found this place and hope that you give it a try. Tell them you saw this article in QLIfe and that you want the “QLife Experience”. You will be happy you did!

Garrett Pattiani