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“I like nonsense, it breaks up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living!” Dr. Suess

RECAP - Saturday, June 17, 2017 – 9 PM – MUMU Party at FLEX for NGRA. Drag in 110 degrees. Norma was all dolled up with “Schweaty Ball” syndrome and a face that was melting like a butter on a hot skillet. Never has this gal melted so fast and so quickly!  Thanks to the incredible staff at FLEX  (Todd Tauber) for the cold cocktails! (Vodka Soda – tall glass is still under $5!! (We will miss you KY!)  It was horrendously hot…but the show must go on and it did! We raised hundreds of dollars for our local NGRA rodeo peeps! I can’t wait until rodeo – September 22/23, 2017! Norma will either be the rodeo clown or you’ll find her at the dunk tank! Visit for details!

Condragulations to Andrew Ryan! Our very own Diva extraordinaire who has graced stages around the world with his incredible Katy Perry and Shania Twain impersonations…among others. He has recently been named as Frank Marino’s (understudy) Wing-Lady for the DIVAS Las Vegas show!  Andrew is an incredible soul with a heart of gold!  (And, an incredible lady!!) Norma loves a good skinny beeaattcchh! Size 8…. WHATEVER! No matter how petite this gal is…. I love her like my luggage!

MONTHLY RANT!  Recent modifications at a local’s favorite watering hole have become progressively more noticeable. Not a good thing for what used to be a Las Vegas LGBT stronghold. ALLEGEDLY, many things have contributed to the change. “Insiders” (employees) tell me that many of the alterations came about due to the lackadaisical means of operations, carelessness and aloofness. Corporate has sent in a wrangler! (The NEW Sheriff is in town!)  New faces behind the bar have a false sense of courtesy, the pours seem smaller, the tabs are higher and the crowd (if any) has changed. I promised I would not mention any details about the bathroom or parking lot action, so I won’t! Perhaps this investigative reporter needs to go and check it out for a firsthand experience!  

SHAMLESS PLUG!  Go see Ginger Grant’s new theatrical endeavor at the Embassy Nightclub. The BONITA BANANA LAS VEGAS' ONLY TRUE DINNER SHOW!! There was a soft opening (giggles) at the end of June and I hear it is CRAZY fun!  She is one Cra Cra Gal and we love her for everything she does for the community!  COCKTAILS!

SAVE THE DATE!  AUGUST 19, 2017 AFAN BLACK AND WHITE PARTY – Hard Rock! I hear it’s got a New Orleans vibe this year!  Who knows, you just might see Auntie Norma in a parade!

BLESS AND RELEASE!  Rinse and repeat!


Norma Llyaman

The Bearded Lady of Las Vegas