Blonde Leading The Blonde in Dance Again

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“It’s as if Major Lazer and Ace of Base had a love child,” says Bielfield about “Dance Again,” his new high-energy club track with drag superstar Courtney Act.

Biefield is an American opera tenor with a five octave range.  He was trained at Juilliard and has performed in productions with the New York City Opera and The Metropolitan Opera.  “Growing up, I was always told that I could not be both a classical musician and a pop performer,” he continues.  “I believed it, too, until I realized that music is all inclusive and non-divisive in nature.  I want to show the world my versatility and to make the music I have always wanted to create. ”

Written by Bielfield and Courtney Act and produced by Bielfield and Jhay C, “Dance Again” is a heart breaking yet sweat inducing song about getting over a lost love.  Unlike Beilfeld’s previous tracks — “Boom and Bust,” “Kings and Queens” and “Frequency”: all of which leaned toward an 80’s mod vibe — “Dance Again” mixes modern electronic elements with retro sounds to create a unique club sound all its own. 

“Courtney was the big inspiration for this song.  I wanted to write a song specifically for her voice.  Something special that brought out her vibrant spirit and girlish innocence.” 

Bielfield first met Courtney Act last year, backstage at a music festival.  “I immediately knew I needed to work with her,” he remembers.  “A week or two later, we came face to face again, at a concert where she introduced me to the stage.  After the show, I invited Courtney to a Mexican restaurant, got her wasted on margaritas, and I charmed her into joining me in the recording studio.

They got to work on something that would resonate on today’s pop radio.  “We wanted a song that would stir emotions, not necessarily full on jumping ‘round the house craziness, but something to get people moving.”

“Where my classical career is a more traditional expression of art and society, pop is where I get to explore my personal life situations and intimate feelings.”

He admits his classical training sometimes sneaks into his pop production. Before recording “Dance Again,”  Bielfield had Courtney Act lay flat on the floor in the booth to do the vocal exercises he was taught at Juilliard.   “Oh, the look she gave me,” he laughs. 

Bielfeld’s “Dance Again” featuring Courtney Act is on iTunes now. For more information, visit