Mis Behavin’ in March with Norma!

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OK Sweeties…BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH and Horny Leprechauns…..But let’s get some business out of the way first!

Take a step back in time as Norma and her friends recreate a vintage 1920’ - 30's underground nightclub - where the booze is cheap and so is the talent!  The SPECTACULAR SPECTACLE - MISBEHAVIN’ is set to take the stage March 25, 2017 at The SPACE! This inaugural charity benefit for The Center is sure to be a very wild night full of original star- studded entertainment and a lot of surprises!  

Bring your friends, neighbors, colleagues, lovers and complete strangers because you will not want to miss this truly SPECTACULAR SPECTACLE! Lavish Cocktails at 7PM Show at 8 PM.  General admission seats $20 and VIP $40, tickets available on line at www.ThespaceLV.com . The Space is located at 3460 Cavaretta Ct Las Vegas NV 89103. Our goal is to sell over 300 tickets and raise close to $10K!

Now onto other news…..

New clubs open FLAIR! New clubs close Krush. I just can’t keep track of these LGBTQ watering holes anymore. However, I do hear through the grapevine that FLAIR is the new place to be seen and have a lot of fun. There is a video on their FB page that shows a dancing pocket iguana! Auntie Norma just might have to go take a peek at that gyrating lizard!

Speaking of tropical animals and fruits, I wanted to send out a short PSA (public service announcement) about food allergies. Recently, yours truly, has discovered that she has become extremely susceptible to food allergens, especially pineapple and shell fish. After enjoying a few hurricanes with fresh pineapple juice, my insides became my outsides and I felt a demonic possession for almost 4 hours as I held onto the porcelain baptismal!  I expelled so fiercely that I broke blood vessels in my face and chest (I looked like I had been beaten by a bat for 12 hours) in addition to my throat hemorrhaging. It was serious shit! These are your warning signs – 

  • swelling of the face, tongue, throat, and lips
  • difficulty breathing / intense itching or hives
  • constipation / sinus congestion
  • a metallic taste in the mouth 
  • dizziness / fainting
  • anaphylactic shock

Please know the warning signs and symptoms and do not ignore them like I did! That last Hurricane cocktail could have been Auntie Norma’s last!  My husband now makes me carry the EPI PEN! It’s not good for autographs but it may save your life!

Next month is going to be full of some sassy Spring Fever surprises! Look for Norma’s Easter Sunday Revival at Charlie’s, Golden Rainbow’s production of JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR and of course the annual AFAN AIDS WALK at the end of the month!

See you all out and about!

Norma Llyaman

The Bearded Lady of Las Vegas