California Men’s Gathering Memorial Day Weekend

by QLife Staff
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The California Men’s Gathering (CMG) is an all-volunteer organization that sponsors local activities and weekend gatherings.  Most participants are gay, but all men, 18 years or older, are welcome.  This includes men who are straight, transmen, genderqueer, intersex, or gender fluid.  This Gathering is one of the many activities conducted by the CMG.  For Information on the CMG and to register for the weekend Gathering go to

The weekend event is an opportunity for men to explore “The Gifts We Bring” in a program of spiritual, physical, and creative arts & crafts activities as well as fun social events. Each man is encouraged to create his weekend as he chooses.  The weekend can be about what you want; attending workshops, laughing with new guys, exploring yourself, having a great time, or just sitting around the pool!