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  • I was recently asked why I do what I do.  I do what I do because I can do what I can do! I "Pay It Forward" as much as I possibly can. I support our community, the causes, and the people. But let it be known that I will "Fight the Fight" and "March the March" as much as I can, but do not take for granted or advantage of my involvement! Exit stage left!
  • The Shake-Up at The Center (The Elephant in the room!) So many rumors! Know your facts before you start running your tongue! All I have to say is that some very good people are no longer a part of The Center and time will tell how the new regime will succeed. We need our LGBT Center to keep our community strong and together. Let's hope for the BEST!
  • Norma Desmond (Glenn Close) is back on Broadway again, and so is Bette Midler! Rumor has it that Dolly Parton is in talks to replace Bette as Dolly! WELL, HELLO DOLLY!
  • Bette vs. Joan - THE FEUD!  Amazing piece of television that once again divided the gays between Crawford and Davis and Lange and Sarandon! OY VEY!  Any series (long or short) that gets me all teary eyed at the end is well worth watching again and again! If you have never seen the movies What Ever Happened to Baby Jane or Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.......hand over your Gay Card!
  • RuPaul - I'm bored with the recipe! Please add some more nuts to the ingredients! We need more cheese and crackers with all the WHINE that's happening this season!
  • Ricky Martin - The Park Theatre! AMAZEBALLS! A soft core porn treat to the eyes and ears!
  • Hedwig in Las Vegas! FABULOUS! Enoch Augustus Scott is a theatrical delicacy!
  • HAIL TO THE NEW QUEEN!  Congratulations to our new MISS LAS VEGAS PRIDE - Andrew Ryan. I told her, "USE THAT CROWN AS A SOAP BOX instead of a decoration; then you will make a difference!"
  • The Spring Allergies - The best thing I've come up with to conquer the ALLERGY BEAST - Local honey!  $25 for a 48 oz jar at SPROUTS!  2 heaping tablespoons a day and a week into my treatment my eyes seem to be less itchy and my nose is finally used for breathing again!

What's Happening Next?   Water Color with Norma at Charlie's! Golden Rainbow - Ribbon of Life at The Trop! AFAN - Black and White Party - Back at Hard Rock!  SAVE THE DATES! (On my Facebook!)

Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard says it best, 

"We taught the world new ways to dream!"

Get out there and teach some dreaming!

Norma Llyaman

The Bearded Lady of Las Vegas