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Hello QLife Readers,

Welcome to the May issue(s)! We want to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your support since we launched QLife in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. We were expecting our new brand to do well, but we have even surprised ourselves at how fast we have grown, and we couldn’t have done it without the enthusiasm shown by you!

If you keep up with QLife on our various communication outlets, you might have seen that we are trying out some new things; like our new web series “The Morning After” with Broadway actor, Alex Ringler. Tune in Saturday mornings as we recap every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Speaking of RuPaul, we were lucky enough to attend Drag Con in Los Angeles and that was an amazing experience. We hope to see you this fall for DragCon New York.

This month we feature Jeff Timmons—that’s right from boy band 98°—and his Men of the Strip. These guys are scorching hot and opening their new show this summer at Tropicana Las Vegas. Men of The Strip will be the latest line up for male revues in Las Vegas. We say the more the merrier. We feel like it literally is “Raining Men” in the desert.

Speaking of the desert, Temptation Sundays starts its 8th season in Las Vegas. 

We’ve got interviews with Farrah Moan and Shea Couleé. Jai Rodriguez tells us about his new show opening in Las Vegas. LeMia Jenkins takes the helm of Caesars Entertainment’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our Los Angeles edition features Lea Michelle, Randy Rainbow, and Kelly Osborne interviews by Chris Azzopardi, 

Dylan Rush pontificates on his generation–the Millenials, Mikey Rox gives us a few pointers on how to handle a cheating partner. 

Finally, we gear up for Pride early in New York with details on NYC Pride, Pride Island and pride celebrations at the World Trade Center. 

Stay tuned for even more Pride coverage next month!

Garrett Pattiani


Russ White