The Return of Men of the Strip

Glenn Douglas Packard re-ignites an all-new show in Las Vegas

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Update: Men of The Strip opens at Hard Rock Live on the Las Vegas Strip on July 14th for a limited engagement with additional tour dates being announced.. 

Set to open this summer, Men of the Strip returns to Las Vegas. This all-male cabaret show will heat up The Strip with a new take on the "male revue."

Created by the world-renowned and Emmy nominated celebrity choreographer, Glenn Douglas Packard, Men of the Strip plans to take sexy to a whole new level and will assemble the hottest male entertainers for the ultimate live adult entertainment experience.

Men of the Strip first emerged in 2012 when Jeff Timmons, Glenn Douglas Packard, and Mike "Money Mike" Foland joined forces to create a new and unique male revue unlike any other. Men of the Strip was a huge hit and took the world by storm with a tour of 42 cities (in just 49 days) that sold more than 50,000 tickets. Cameras followed Timmons and his hunky co-stars along the tour to create a sexy 2-hour docu-movie special that was featured on the E! Network and garnered more than half-million viewers.

Jeff Timmons (who has had phenomenal success with his internationally-renowned boy band 98 Degrees, sold millions of records worldwide and had gold and platinum records in 27 countries around the world) has combined talents with Glenn Douglas Packard to create an all-new show that is sure to leave audiences breathless.

QLife caught up with Glenn Douglas Packard during rehearsals for an interview about the show and a little insight into his career. 

QLife: Men of the Strip returns to Las Vegas this month. What can we expect from Men of the Strip this time?

GDP: My objective was to get Men of the Strip on the Las Vegas Strip, and now it’s happening. The stakes are just as high as when we did the reality TV show. I’m going to step up the game. Male revues are evolving, and I’m a part of that “evolvation.” I'm ready to make this strip spectacular and actually turn it on and make this the "Disneyland for women" except when they walk into the room they're not gonna want to get off the ride!

QLife: What's going to differentiate this show from Chippendales, Magic Mike Live, Men of Sapphire, Thunder from Down Under and Aussie Heat?

GDP: Well not to toot my own horn but I say I'm pretty much the king of male revues. I've been doing this since 2000 when I reinvented Chippendales and created their show and put it up at the Rio. Male revue has evolved, and now there's this whole new elevation of performance and art form when it comes to the male revue. I don't give away too many of my secrets, but I'm not afraid to put him out there either.

It's about women empowerment. I’m creating this show for the ladies. I’m having the best time seeing these guys I’m mentoring turn into stars, but what's the most important is that when a woman walks into the room, she feels like a million bucks and these guys are going to give that to these ladies. They're going to be entertained. They're going to have an interaction with the performers. They're going to be able to get up close and personal. They're going to see all of the great stuff that happens on the stage, but at the same time, they're going to get some dick and ass just like they want to.

QLife: The show is geared towards women but as an LGBTQ publication our readers are mostly gay men, so what kind of role would they be able to play coming to the show, whether it’s with their girlfriends or bachelorette night out?

GDP:  The guy in charge of creating the show is the gay man, and I have a job to create the ultimate night out for these ladies. At the same time, this is the kind of show where you walk into the room everybody is beautiful. That's what this show is about. Everybody in that room is beautiful. It doesn't matter if you're a straight woman, a straight man, a transgender person, a gay man, a lesbian—it doesn't matter when you walk into that room it's an adult night of fun. That's what this is supposed to be, whether you’re visiting Vegas or a Vegas local, this is your moment to let loose and have a good time.

I know what adults are looking for and that's what I'm giving them—a great night out. I'm mentoring these guys. They work with me one-on-one. They're used to having me around them. The show is for everybody.

QLife: When does the show open?

GDP: Tickets are on sale now and we open the Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend.

QLife: What about your background? How did you get started, and do you have any advice for other choreographers wanting to get into this profession?

GDP: I've had this Forrest Gump-like life. I lived on a farm and ended up getting into dance because I almost lost my leg in a farming accident. It changed my life. I live life for me and nobody else. I've enjoyed the moment. I've seen the world. I've been to almost every country. Instead of “Run, Forrest, run” it was “Dance, Glenn, dance!”

That's when I came out as well as a gay man. I was engaged to be married to a woman at one time. Almost losing my leg and my life made me realize what life is about. I started living life for me, and that's when everything just fell into place. I’ve worked with great artists including Ricky Martin, Usher, Missy Elliot, Michael Jackson.

QLife: Yeah, your resume is quite impressive–“like Mary, she’s met everyone!” Do you think part of that success is living your truth out loud and people responding to it? In the industry, there's this fear that if you come out that your career will be over whether you're a singer or dancer, but it seems that your experience is quite the opposite.

GDP: When I lived my truth, and I was living who I really was and showing people that I was proud of who I was, everything else just falls into place. You’re surrounded by the people you're supposed to be around. You meet the people; your career falls into place, your love life falls into place. Everything just works out so much better if you don't live the lie. If you find your truth and be true to yourself everything just really can fall right into place so nicely.

I treat this male revue industry just like I was working with Michael Jackson. These guys go through my boot camp, and I enjoy seeing the process of an ordinary man becoming a star. It's a great process to see happen. This time around with Men of the Strip we’re mixing it up. I have professionals in the industry and newbies that have never stepped on the stage. It's such a great blend because the newbies are playing off the professionals and the professionals see that new drive in the newbies. Combining them together becomes magic on stage.

QLife: What’s in your personal goals for the future. What do you want to personally achieve?

GDP: Two years ago one new year's I said to myself there was something I hadn't done yet in my career that I've always dreamt of doing. I've always been obsessed with horror movies. Scary movies have always been something I've always been passionate about for some reason. I directed my first horror film, and it comes out on BluRay I'm on May 2nd in Red Box and video-on-demand called Pitchfork. It has the first gay final boy.

QLife: You’re performing in a room that used to be a nightclub, and it doesn’t have a stage. How does that affect the show?

GDP: I’m meeting with the stage designers this afternoon. We’re building a stage that’s going to go from the windows of the pool into a round, so that you’re going to have that feeling of both stage and a round.

There's a big disconnect in Las Vegas when you leave a show and maybe get to take a picture. We’re going to be very social media friendly, and throughout the show, those stars are going to be hitting the audience at least four times throughout the night like a mix between a show and a real strip club. When you walk in that room, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re going to be seeing the show, but you’re also going to get that male revue feeling and the interaction with the stars.

Featuring original choreography, music, one-of-a-kind personalities and explosive energy on stage, fans from all over the world will be flocking to  Las Vegas to get a taste of  the newest and most risqué male revue yet. From a hunky cast of talented singers to dancers, strip-trainers and more, this male revue is designed to fulfill every fantasy and sure to arouse and entertain in a true one-of-a-kind Las Vegas experience.

Tickets prices are $49.99 for general admission, $59.99 for a table, and $79.99 for a VIP table (excludes tax and fees). Tickets can be purchased online at


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