Wiltay Aims to Fly High

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Wiltay enjoys being called the “Beast of The East”.  He earned the title by revealing his washboard abs on the January cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

“It was a lot of work,” he laughs.  “Not so much the exercise; I work out regularly.  It was giving up the snacks and booze that was hardest for me. I crave potato chips, french fries, pizza, pastas, tequilas.  All — the — time!  I normally exercise to eat!”

This month the pop singing sensation is urging fan to let go of the past and embrace the now in his new urban pop single, “Fly High”.  

Written by Wiltay, produced by Dreza, and being distributed by Yay Records, the empowering track is being called Mike Posner meets Justin Timberlake, with a bit of Enrique Iglesias flair, set against a haunting, hypnotic beat.   According to Wiltay, the song is meant to inspire fans into action.  

“I get so caught up with old memories, I often miss out on what’s in front of me,” he acknowledges.   He says that since moving to Los Angeles from Singapore, he’s had several relationships that seemed promising in the beginning, but didn’t measure up.  His biggest mistake has been holding on for too long.

“The greatest lesson I have learned is that expecting love from someone who does not love you back is like watering a dead tree. No matter how much water you put in it, it’ll never grow.”

The 28-year old is best known for his 2014 album, WTF, named Best Pop Album Of The Year at the Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards.  The album also received a Best Album nomination at the Los Angeles Music Awards. 

Wiltay says he knew from an early age that he was destined for the stage.  “I performed my school’s annual talent contest in junior high. I was so terrible, it was funny.  Everyone laughed and I did too, but I remember thinking to myself that if I could make people laugh with bad singing, I could get them crying with good.  I taught myself the guitar and piano and the next year I went back on stage with an emotional song that got the tears flowing!  It was then that I knew I wanted to change people’s lives through music.” 

Until two years ago, Wiltay’s music was in the Euro pop genre. American Idol’s Randy Jackson took Wiltay in a dance direction with a more grown-up, salacious sound on “What Are We Waiting For,” his passionate track that attacked infatuation from a male perspective.  “It made sense because I’m big on romance,” Wiltay says.  “My problem is I give more than I take.”

“Fly High” continues Wiltay’s exploration into love and relationship, but in an even more mature, sensible way.  It’s a reflection of Wiltay’s past two years living in Los Angeles and experiencing the highs and lows of love first-hand.

Despite his rollercoaster love life, he calls living in Los Angeles a dream.  He recently met Katy Perry.   “It was at her best friend’s birthday party. She surprised her friend, flying to the party from her concert in San Francisco.  Now that’s a true friend!”

Katy gave Wiltay a kiss on his cheek when he met her. “I kissed her back and got her to laugh when I said, “Sweet, I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

Wiltay’s “Fly High” is available on iTunes now.  For more information on Wiltay, visit http://wilentertain.com or follow him on Facebook @wiltayofficial.