Grindr Announces Best Of 2017 Award Winners

by QLife Staff
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Grindr, the world's largest queer mobile social network, has unveiled the winners of this year's Best of 2017 Grindr Awards. Over 15,000 Grindr users from around the world weighed in on everything from music, art, fashion, politics and more. This year, Grindr users were notably more political, naming parents of trans kids fighting for rights as Best Ally of 2017 and Donald Trump as Biggest Troll.

"LGBTQ people have always played an important role as tastemakers in entertainment, music, popular culture, politics, fashion and art. 2017 has been no exception with the incredible number of LGBTQ individuals, icons, and characters making headlines and storylines," said Grindr Vice President of Marketing, Peter Sloterdyk. "Despite the administration actively rolling back LGBTQ rights, this year we saw amazing wins such as the election of our nation's first openly transgender state senator, Danica Roem. Our users were also incredibly supportive of the bravery of every woman who stood up to sexual harassment. That's why our hero of 2017 is every woman who shared their story with #metoo."

The winners of Grindr's Best of 2017 Awards are:

  • Best Ally of 2017: Parents of trans kids fighting for rights
  • Heroes of 2017: Every woman who posted #metoo
  • Best Music Video: P!nk, "Beautiful Trauma"
  • Best Concert Performance: Katy Perry, World Tour
  • Relationship Goals: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black
  • Best Sports Moments: Celine Dion baseball Twitter account @TitanicBaseball
  • Best Menswear Brand: Raf Simons for Calvin Klein
  • Must Watch Film: Get Out
  • Best Art Exhibition: Art AIDS America, Chicago, Alphawood Gallery
  • Best Podcast: RuPaul's What's The Tee?
  • Best Television Series: Stranger Things
  • Biggest Troll: Donald Trump

Grindr users were surveyed between December 13 and December 18, 2017 to cast their votes on the Grindr Best of 2017 Awards. For a more detailed listing of survey results visit

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