Jack’d Says FCKH8 At San Diego Pride

World-Wide Tour Combating Racism, Sexism and Homophobia

by John Stein , QLife Staff
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qThis pride season, Jack’d has partnered with FCKH8 on the FCKH8 Pride Tour aimed at combating racism, sexism and homophobia.   The tour is traveling to 25 cities in the USA, Canada and Europe with its message of inclusiveness, community, and equality.  “At each stop, we are urging men to come out, be proud, and own their individuality,” says Alon Rivel, Director of Global Marketing at Jack’d.  The FCKH8 Pride Tour arrives to San Diego on July 15.

“The current political climate has brought out a lot of fear in people, especially within the United States,”  continues Rivel from the Cambridge offices of Jack’d.  “All people deemed ‘different’ and not part of the status quo are experiencing hatred, negativity, and hostility.  Its important, now more than ever, to fight for inclusion and the basic liberties and freedoms that our political heads want to take from us.”

The battle is not only with Washington.  Rivel sees divisiveness within the community, too, in the form of sexual racism.  

As dating apps have become the new gay meeting ground, gay minorities are feeling rejected.  Many report difficulty finding a place in a community where they’re often shut out by men who believe that exclusion is acceptable.

“We have made it a priority to embrace all men of every color, background, religion, or creed on Jack’d,” Rivel explains. “Our marketing campaigns and social media outreach regularly feature men of diverse backgrounds and we have implemented a 24-hour service line that addresses and monitors any type of oppression on our platform.”

As a result, Jack’d has seen an increase in people of color flocking to it from other apps.  Still, he acknowledges more can be done and its part of the reason Jack’d is touring the world’s prides.  “It’s giving us a chance to speak directly to the community and hear how we can serve them better,” he says.

The FCKH8 Pride Tour is a partnership with FCKH8.com, an organization that has given over $280,000 to the equality cause through directly funded projects and donations to LGBTQ charities.

FCKH8.com started in 2010 as a passionate social change mission that armed thousands of people with pro-LGBTQ shirts.  Each tee, emblazoned with bold messages like “Some Chicks Marry Chicks,” “Get Over It,” “Straight Against Hate,” and ”Legalize Love” acted as mini-billboards for change.   Celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Zac Efron - who’s raved about his own “Some Dudes Marry Dudes, Get Over It” shirt in the press — are fans. 

At each FCKH8 Pride Tour stop,  Jack’d is setting up a FCKH8 station,  giving away "No Bullies, No Bigots" tee shirts and free 30-day Pro memberships on Jack’d. 

“History has taught us that when we band together as a community, we can make change,” says Rivel.  “So our message to all men this pride is love yourselves and one another for who we are and FCKH8.”

For more information on Jack’d Presents FCKH8 Pride Tour, visit https://www.fckh8.com/pages/pride-2017.