Jeff Brodin

The American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law selected Jeff Brodin and Brodin HR Law to receive the 2016 Frances Perkins Public Service Award.

The award “recognizes the leadership and representation Brodin and his firm have provided in the arena of civil-rights advocacy,” according to a December press release.

In accepting the award in November, Brodin credited his immigrant grandparents for their example.

“Their story is about instilling in their children and grandchildren two key principles,” Brodin noted. “First, be the best you can be at whatever it is you choose to do; and secondly, give of your knowledge, talents and skills to help those in need.”

As a young attorney, Brodin worked to help those affected by HIV and AIDS-related illnesses. Seeking to expand the number of HIV/AIDS-affected individuals who could receive much-needed legal assistance, Brodin partnered with fellow Phoenix lawyer Barb Dawson to co-found the HIV/AIDS Law Project (HALP).

“At the same time HALP clients were struggling to stay alive, they were also consumed with stress over legal issues,” said Brodin. “We were able to help them with pro bono services for things like creditor’s-rights issues, the drafting of wills and health-care powers of attorney so they could focus on their health.”

Brodin wrote a grant proposal for HALP that garnered funding from the Ryan White Care Act, and also served on the board of directors for Phoenix Body Positive.

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By Jake Rojas

1 year ago

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