Champagne Bubbles and Miss Gay America Dreams

In all my years, I had never been to a drag queen pageant, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. That's when I met Champagne Bubbles.



Ah, Lips! Lips is glitzy! Lips is gaudy! Lips is as over-the-top as the lovely ladies who work there. It’s hard not to love a restaurant that offers New York’s “ultimate drag dining experience,” featuring food and cocktails named after notorious drag queens, along with hilarious performances by the queens who serve you - And they SERVE you, Honey!


Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative: A New Series Empowering Black, Gay Men

In a social climate where many in the community feel Black, gay and afraid, a group of fearless Black, gay men have come together to empower, organize, and inform their peers on how they can uplift each other and improve their lives both personally and professionally.


Fatbird Southern Kitchen & Bar

Manhattan’s Meatpacking District is a well-known hub of fine dining activity. The area is home to all manner of cuisine, including modern Chinese, modern Italian, modern Japanese, modern Spanish tapas, even modern takes on traditional American dishes. And they’re all good. But what if you want something a little less modern? What if you’re looking for some down-home country cooking?


Photo Credit: Chris Shelley/Lightswitch Digital

Meet Iron Chef Cat Cora

This Iron Chef has been in the kitchen and out of the closet for over three decades. Cat Cora, who recently opened her new Fatbird restaurant in Manhattan, caught up with QLife for a very personal and inspiring interview. Cat Cora hasn't broken the glass ceiling for women, minorities, and LGBT, she's shattered it.


Friends and Foes, Friends and Toes

Hannah Lavon, the founder of Pals, teaches love and friendship through mismatched socks. What started off as friend and foe mittens turned into a positive message of friendship through differences. 


Exceptional and Accessible

The AAA Girls North American Tour follows this summer’s release of The AAA Girls debut album, “Access All Areas.”  It received rave reviews for the music video’s throwback to classic pop star aesthetic and its celebration of drag extravaganza. 

A Couple of Very Hip Chicks

One of the greatest things about attending the NGLCC Business & Leadership conference is the networking. You get to meet people from all over the country and around the world. Serendipity steps in and you get the chance to meet people like Serafina Palandech, the co-founder of HipChick Farms. 

LGBT Dance Musician Joey Suarez Brings EDM to Mainstream

Energetic. Dynamic. Electrifying. These are just a few words to describe LGBT dance/pop musician Joey Suarez. A resident of San Antonio, Texas, Suarez spends most of his time juggling his multiple ventures which range from a brand new fashion line, Ravers Fantasy, to acting and of course his music.

MOTEV Takes Black Car Service Green

Robert Gaskill is turning the black car service green. His company MOTEV has deployed the first fleet of 100%  brand new top-of-the-line P90DL Teslas. Powered entirely by electricity, the fleet of Teslas are zero-emissions vehicles. Producing no harmful tailpipe pollutants, the vehicles help to create a safer environment and healthier community.

A Very Sordid Interview

When I finally had the opportunity to interview Del Shores, I had to share the story of the time I showed Sordid Lives to my parents. It was on the way to one of our family reunions (where many of the Sordid relatives awaited our arrival).

Photo Credit: ClexaCon

The Fall of Clexa and the Birth of ClexaCon

In 2016, viewers experienced one of the most brutal and heartbreaking seasons in television history. Characters were mercilessly torn from our screens through poorly conceived and clumsily executed demises. These characters, as it often goes, also shared one particular trait in common: being LGBTQ women.

Back to School Locker Room Essentials

With school back in session, we thought we'd provide a few essentials for the locker room. From clean skin to sparkling sneaker and comfy sweats, we've got you covered—litereally—head-to-toe.

StartOut Announces 2017 Award Winners

On Friday, October 6, 2017, StartOut will once again honor entrepreneurs and business leaders for their accomplishments and personal commitment to the LGBTQ entrepreneur community.

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NEMA Goes Above and Beyond in the Mile High City

Dozens of LGBTQ media publishers converged on the Mile High City during the last full week of August for the 2017 National Equality Media Association (NEMA) conference.