Say Alhoa! to Summer with Hawaiian Shaved Ice

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Who doesn't love a snow cone on a hot summer day?

Shaving a block of ice is the key to making the fluffiest snow! That’s why the Electric Shaved Ice Machine includes two ice molds. Simply freeze water in the molds provided and you’ll be on your way to a delicious treat. You’ll also love the non-slip silicone mat and adjustable stainless steel blade. Create the perfect summertime (or anytime) treat with this family-friendly shaver!

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine is a great shaved ice maker for home-use because of the size, ease-of-use and price. Good for serving a few fluffy servings a day, just like the shave ice from your local favorite! These household machines are known for delivering cool and refreshing Hawaiian snow at a moment’s notice. Both the manual and the electric shaved ice machines are inexpensive, portable, and easy to store in a kitchen cabinet or pantry.

The real fun in preparing your shaved ice comes in choosing from over 100 mouthwatering flavors! You’ll find everything - from dreamy, creamy, and rich flavors, to tart, fruity, and spicy flavors! Enjoy mixing and matching colors to create your own unique flavor and color combinations. launched on February 12, 2000 and the first order was received on February 14, 2000. The company had no inventory and they made the syrup as it was ordered, handwrote the label, and shipped it out - all in the same day.

Today, the company offers an entire line of Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand products. Small ice shavers for home use, 100+ syrup flavors, cups, spoon-straws, and even small bottle pourers to effortlessly dispense syrup.

You can create delicious, authentic shaved ice at your next party and all you’ll have to add is the ice! The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party Package includes all of the supplies and serving tools you’ll need to make shaved ice just like they serve at carnivals and county fairs. Shaved ice is a refreshing treat that your guests are sure to love, and you’ll be the only one who knows how easy it was to make!