Bob the Drag Queen's Double Debut

Cherry Pop and Suspiciously Large Woman Screenings at Outfest

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Bob the Drag Queen seems to have a wave of success on her hands since passing the crown on to Sasha Valour. Only a few weeks since stepping down as the reigning queen at the Season 9 Finale, Bob the Drag Queen premieres not one, but two screenings at Outfest.

QLife publishers Garrett Pattani interviewed Bob the Drag Queen just before the screening of Suspiciously Large Woman at Outfest. 

The comedy special is available on Revry.

Cherry Pop

Directed by Assaad Yacoub, CHERRY POP follows one night in the life of a failing drag bar and its colorful performers—from the backstage backstabbing to the onstage antics. When a newcomer (Lars Berge) arrives for his first night performing, he struggles to find his place amidst the raucous regulars, the vicious clique of performers, and one legendary queen coming to terms with life after her last night in drag. The film also stars Caldwell Tidicue (Bob The Drag Queen), Detox, Latrice Royale and Tempest Dujour.

Suspiciously Large Woman

Bob returns to her hometown of Atlanta, GA after touring the world and has a lot to talk about. The “Current Fu**ing Reigning” shares her thoughts on Beyoncé, NYC, sex, and white people. Join her and find out why she’s truly a “Queen for the People.”

Garrett Pattiani