West Coast Glam in NYC

Ricky Rebels Perform Summer Nights Tour

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West coast glam rocker Ricky Rebel is heading east to perform his Billboard Top 40 club hit “Boys & Sometimes Girls” and songs from his new album, The New Alpha, including “If You Were My Baby," live, as part of the Summer Nights Tour. Presented by Artist One, the fifth annual Summer Nights Tour launches August 3rd on Long Island and continues through August 7th with dates in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City. Once again, the show will spread its anti bully message by showcasing a diverse group of music performers who have demonstrated perseverance against adversity. They include glam rocker Ricky Rebel along with headliners Jax, from American Idol, and Youtube rapper Adam Saleh. Special guests are social media star Lucas Bradlee and hip hopper Tre Trax. “I am excited to get out east for Summer Nights,” says Ricky Rebel. “I live in LA, so a lot of my East Coast fans have never seen me perform live. They’re in for a real hot and steamy treat,” he promises. For tickets and showtimes, visit Summernightstours.com 

Rebel says he was particularly drawn to the Summer Nights Tour for its strong, anti-bullying message. “Growing up, I got bullied for being feminine,” he admits. “My voice was high, I was shy and very small. I was also really polite and some bullies confused my niceness with weakness. They didn’t realize that as a pro gymnast, I was strong and could pack a punch. I never cowered to bullies. They quickly learned that I could not be stepped on.” 

He encourages his fans to stand up and defend themselves when confronted by bullies. His upcoming album, The New Alpha, was inspired by his desire to change the current state of victimhood in society. “My message is to love yourself and respect yourself,” he explains. “Sure, try to communicate first and do what you can to keep it peaceful, but if that doesn’t work, do not allow things to continue as they are. Take charge. Sometimes you have to fight back.” 

Ricky Rebel burst on the music scene in 1997 as the lead vocalist of the boy- band No Authority. Signed by Michael Jackson to Michael’s MJJ Music label at Sony, he toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, and Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. In 2000, the band moved to Madonna’s Maverick label where they released “Can I Get Your Number,” a song that peaked at #33 on the Billboard Top 40 chart. Another song, “I’m Telling You This,” appeared on the Rugrats in Paris soundtrack. While with Maverick, the band toured with Britney Spears. 

In 2004, No Authority broke up and Ricky became the lead vocalist of the band, Harlow. Additionally, he did voice-over work for films including Apollo 13, Anywhere But Here, and Anastasia, and appeared on television in episodes of American Dreams, Boston Public, and Audrina. 

Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012. Since then, he has released two albums, Manipulator featuring the singles “Geisha Dance,” “Get It On” and “You Need a Woman” and The Blue Album featuring hit singles “Star” and “Boys and Sometimes Girls”. 

His songs are noted for being inspirational to young listeners. In “Star," Rebel inspires listeners to be the celebrities of their own lives. His latest single, “If You Were My Baby,” delivers a message that we are all worthy of love. It’s something Ricky Rebel truly believes. In fact, on the Summer Nights tour, he is especially looking forward to meeting and hanging out with YouTube star Adam Saleh. “I’d love to unlock his brain and his belt buckle. Kidding! Well, not really.” 

Ricky Rebel’s next album, The New Alpha, releases this fall. 

Ricky Rebel performs the fifth annual Summer Nights Tour on AUGUST 6 from 12-9 PM: THE BITTER END/WICKED WILLYS (147 & 149 Bleecker St, NYC).  For more information, visit Summernightstours.com and www.rickyrebelrocks.com.