Welcome to the premiere of QLife Magazine. We are excited to launch this all-new, all-digital publication for the LGBTQ community. We could not think of a more fitting cover than Cher as we debut our first issue.

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QLife Founders

Publishers’ Note

Happy New Year! We are so proud to be starting off 2017 with our brand new name and representing three of America’s famous cities! We are so excited to have QLIfe serving the LGBTQ community both with content from around the world, but also in each cities’ local scenes.


BREAKING NEWS: Wife of Pulse Nightclub shooter Arrested

FBI officials are reporting the arrest of Noor Salman, the wife of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen.

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Cher Returns to Las Vegas

Cher returns to Las Vegas with an extended engagement at the new Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino and headlines the all new MGM National Harbor in Maryland.


Norma's Page

Is a New Year like a new pair of fabulous shoes #discountstripper.com  that can’t wait to be worn or is a New Year like a new policy at work that you have to acknowledge because your insurance rates are going up because you are well fed? #bigbonedgirlissues


RideOwners2 copy.jpg

The Ride

It took a while, but Las Vegas fitness options have exploded in the last few years with Pilates studios, Cross Fit, Barre classes and more, giving the big box gyms a run for their money.


LG_T: New Year, New You?

My acceptance of myself has opened the door wide open to allow me to accept others (a side effect that I never considered would happen).  The freedom I feel defies explanation.


Steven Wayne meets Cher

Cher & Cher Alike

Steven Wayne is one of the most famous celebrity female impersonators in the world. Qlife interviews Steven about what it's like to pay tribute to some of the biggest biggest stars of all time, including Cher. We also get an in depth look at where he started and how he made it to the top.


Wash 'Em, Feed 'Em, Spoil 'Em

Wag N' Wash is one cool place that dog owners can take their furry friends to get groomed and also pick up top quality dog food, all-natural bakery items, and toys. We take Dallas & Delilah for a day and document the customer experience.



Tony Moran Unleashes His Moodswings

Tony Moran began his career in Brooklyn where he teamed up with childhood friend Albert Cabrera in the production duo, The Latin Rascals.


Stand Up and Start to Fight

Certainly 2016 was not as a predictable year as many of us expected it to be. The advances the LGBTQ community had seen during the Obama Administration peaked in mid-2015 with Marriage Equality. Yet significant equality gaps were left wide open, especially for the T in LGBTQ.


Meghan Headshot 2016.jpg

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Maki Squares

Morimoto Las Vegas

Morimoto Las Vegas, in the MGM Grand, is the latest in a successful collection of restaurants by renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.


An Introductory Post-Election Rant

Soo…I’m just going to admit this right up front-- I’ve been day drinking since November 9th. As a professional comedian, the moment Donald Trump won the general election I lost a good 20 minutes of material from my act.


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Dana Goldberg

Dinner with the Dead

Personal readings by Thomas John are booked a year in advance, so this is a wonderful way to contact loved ones from beyond while enjoying a beautiful evening out.


Fun Home On Tour

The hit Broadway Musical Fun Home kicks off the 2017 leg of its national tour starting in Las Vegas. Based on Alison Bechdel's memoirs, the story recalls her early childhood with her father and her coming out in college. 



Trans-Forming Fashion

Now more than ever before, the trans community is enjoying increased visibility in the world.  It’s no wonder, then, that a fashion industry known for reflecting the sign of the times is undergoing a transition all its own. 

New York 360°

This New York 360 Facebook page is the creation of New York photographer Irina Smirnova who is on a mission to bring 360° experiences of New York to the world.

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Grand Central Station