Election 2024 Information

The 2024 Election

This election season, the QVegas website will host a comprehensive and insightful webpage dedicated to the 2024 elections for the state of Nevada, offering a treasure trove of information tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. This page aims to serve as a one-stop destination for voters seeking clarity on the electoral process, key dates, candidate profiles, and important issues at stake within the state. Emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility, it will provide resources on voter registration, polling locations, and methods to vote, ensuring every voice in the community is heard.

Additionally, the webpage will highlight the significance of local and state elections, underlining how these often-overlooked races impact daily life and local policies. QVegas's election page promises to be an invaluable resource for Nevada's progressive electorate, encouraging informed and active participation in the democratic process.


Vote America!

VoteAmerica is a democracy organization. Every day we ask ourselves what we can do, today, to ensure that US Democracy not only survives but thrives, over the decades to come.  Democracy is our north star; voter mobilization is the strategy that we’re pursuing; and everything below “voter mobilization” is an implementation detail.  We’re goal-oriented and tactic-agnostic; we adopt and abandon tactics based on how effective they are, where effective is defined as the impact a specific tactic has on voter turnout.

Vote America


Progressive Voter Guide

QVegas will once again publish a Progressive Voter Guide for the June Primary and the November General Election. To receive updates about the Voter Guide, please complete the form below.

Election 2024 Information

Voter Guide Information

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