Daddy’s Back With “Loose Wrists” and Lacey Shorts

Cazwell’s Making America Femme Again!

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“It’s about time we all embrace femme,” proclaims rapper Cazwell.  “Whether we are gay or straight when men get in touch with their feminine sides, it gives a real sense of empowerment.”

Often described as ‘what would have happened if Eminem had grown up on Madonna's front lawn,’ Cazwell’s hip hop videos — including classics like ‘Ice Cream Truck,’ ‘I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King,’ and ‘Rice & Beans’ — have been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. His latest track, “Loose Wrists,” the first single off his new Snow Cone music label, is old-school hip-hop with a beat that is purposely simple and bass driven and lyrics that tackle the new age we live in: Trump’s America.

“We have a President that wants to take us off of the census and a Vice President that believes shock therapy will cure gayness,” Cazwell continues.  “At the end of last year, I vowed to be as gay as possible with my music and videos. We have to be more visible than ever and I hope I inspire that."

That’s why Cazwell will be wearing the pastel colored Lacey shorts featured in the ‘Loose Wrists’ music video out in public this summer. "Hell yeah, I'm going to wear them! You'll find me at the corner deli at four in the morning wearing my pair with a matching speedo underneath.”

The Lacey shorts stirred a social media frenzy online last month when Cazwell first posted a photo of him and his male dancers wearing them on Instagram.   The same photo soon appeared on PopSugar, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Maxim and Allure and now the shorts are the summer’s hottest craze.  Even straight men and their girlfriends have reached out to the Hologram City designer who created them to purchase a pair of Lacey shorts for their very own.  

Cazwell’s not surprised. “I could see Pharrell sporting lace on The Voice,” he says. 

He was more astounded by the initial shock the shorts caused as they are much more conservative than the shirtless guys in Speedo's and jockstraps he typically has in his videos.  But all publicity is good publicity.  The uproar has led to the music video being viewed over 200 thousand times already.

The irony is that the Lacey shorts were initially intended to be jogging suits.  “I wanted five pastel velour jogging suits for the video but we couldn't get them to look the way we wanted. I was really stressed out about it so I took a nap and when I woke up, I called Hoza (the designer) up and said, ‘Lace. Let's just use lace and have the guys in white briefs.’”

It turns out lace is much easier to work with than velour and Hoza was able to whip up the outfits quickly.

Lacey Shorts are not Cazwell’s first foray into fashion. Last year he debuted his ‘Ice Cream Truck’ underwear with design collaborator Geoffrey Mac.  The collection sold out entirely in its first month.

For more information, visit and  #LaceyShorts available from Hologram City.